Platium, Gold, Rhondium, and Metal Labware

Spectrum Plus offers a full line of platinum, platinum/gold, rhondium, and other metal labware. We offer a variety of products from Phoenix, Leco, Claisse, PerlX, Schoeps, and as well as standard size labware. Additionally, we custom fabricate labware to the exact specifications to meet your needs.
We also provide re-fabrication, electro grinding, and polishing services here.

X-Ray Fluorometry (XRF) Supplies

Our high quality XRF aluminum press cups for x-ray samples are coated to keep the sample cup from sticking in the press. Available for purchase by the box or the case in the following quantities:
30 mm 1000/box or 8000/case
33 mm 900/box or 7200/case

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Supplies

ICP Calibration Check Solution Kits.

Nebulizers & Glassware

Torch and Spray Chambers

Type A - General Purpose:
Lapped ends, flush tip, 1 L/min


Type C - High Solids:
Vitreous ends, recessed capillary, 1 L/min

Jobin Yvon

Type K - High Solids:
Lapped ends, recessed capillary, 1.7 L/min

Leeman Labs

TR-50-C1 High Solids:
Vitreous ends, recessed capillary, 1 L/min, 1 mL/min application


TR-30-H2 High Solids:
Lapped ends, recessed capillary, 0.7 L/min, 2 mL/min application

Plasma Therm ICP

Teflon PFA, HF
Resistant sample introduction components

Sciex Elan ICP/MS

Polypropelene Systems


Ultrasonic Introduction Systems

Thermo ARL

Available in small bore and quartz options.

Thermo Finnigan ICP-MS

Accessory items available.

Thermo Jarrell-Ash/
TJA/Thermo Elemental

Thermo VG


Please contact us today for more information or to place an order on specific parts or labware for your equipment. Installation services are also available.

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